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Worbla’s TranspArt

Worbla’s TranspArt not suggested for eyewear

While TranspArt is similar to Finest Art, they are not the same product, TranspArt does not have the same adhesive qualities as Finest Art, will require more patience /time.

TranspArt (also Transpa Art) is Worbla’s option for those looking for a resilient, non-toxic and solvent stable clear plastic that can be hand formed and vacuformed with ease. Fantastic for ice, crystal and fire effects, ‘invisible’ foundations. It has a similar flexibility and weight to Worbla’s Finest Art and shares the ability to reblend scraps to recycle everything, while being incredibly resilient to stress. Lighter than acrylic sheeting and more durable than PETG. It is possible to stick TranspArt to itself, but the temperature range is very narrow, and so glue is strongly suggested. A soldering can be used iron to ‘weld’ edges together as with proper ventilation.

  • Activates at 120° Celsius or 250° Fahrenheit (works best when heated gradually)
  • Injection moulded, the injection lines are present in the finished sheets
  • Resistant to cracks, fractures and shattering under pressure ( maintaining a unique flexibility that returns to form when bent )
  • Non-toxic and skin safe
  • Can be shaped by hand without requiring special safety gear
  • Once kneaded together, scraps will take a milky/frosted appearance
  • Works best over positive molds


 Click here to learn how to recycle scraps

Work gloves are STRONGLY suggested. Smooth gloves and a damp sponge will prevent marks in the plastic when it is heated.

If overheated, it will start to form small bubbles or blisters in the plastic. These can’t be removed, though they are useful if you are trying to make something appear to be water.