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Worbla’s Mesh Art

Worbla’s Mesh Art 

Worbla with a one-sided mesh for strength!


Worbla’s Mesh Art provides a thermoplastic with excellent adhesive properties and stability. Smooth, leather-like finish on one side with a mesh structure on the other with excellent strength and resilience. In addition, mouldable and shapeable by hand when activated, and can be reheated endlessly until the desired shape is achieved. Can be built up in layers, shaped over forms of foam, foil, wire or similar armatures, and can be used as a single layer. Also works excellently with other Worbla products and can easily be used as a base that other types of Worbla are attached to, to take advantage of the high adhesive level.


  • Activates at 80-90°C / 175-195°F
  • Non-toxic and solvent-free
  • Can take complex curves, both positive and negative
  • Stronger and resistant to tearing once heated and cooled
  • Scraps can be re-blended and used

  Click here to learn how to recycle scraps

This item has to be primed the same as Worbla’s Finest or Black Art, for a flat, shiny surface for painting