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Worbla’s Deco Art

Deco Art white pellets that when heated turn clear

These clear pellets are like a plastic putty and sculpting material, either shaping it by hand or with tools, or applying it directly to the surface needs to be to built up. Heat these pellets to 65°C (150°F) with a heat gun, oven, or hot water to create a plastic putty with a low thermal transfer. Once cool or ‘set’ the plastic turns opaque white. Deco Art stays fluid while warm, so it is important to either cool a piece quickly in cool water, or to keep it in a mold until the plastic is opaque again. Otherwise gravity will ‘pull’ your sculpture out of shape!



  • Activates at 65°C (150°F)
  • Stays fluid while warm (cool items quickly in cool water or keep it in a mold until the plastic is opaque)
  • Make multiple copies of something without resin casting
  • Can be reheated and reused again



Working with Worbla’s Crystal / Deco Art


More detailed instructions here!