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Worbla’s Crystal Art

Crystal Art to create incredibly flexible pieces

Crystal Art offers an alternative for those who can’t resin cast due to time, space, or health. The ''ice crystals'' that will bend with a bodysuit or claws that will flex but never break no matter how many steps aretaken. It also has a memory like rubber, which means if it is stretched out and cooled, when re-heated it will want to ‘rebound’ to a more compressed shape.

  • Activates at 110°C 230°F ( requires gloves to be worked safely)
  • Can be rolled out to thin strips or sculpted into simple shapes
  • Also pressed into molds and blended with other Worbla
  • Has a higher activation temperature and thermal conductivity


Use heat resistant gloves with latex or nitrile gloves over top, and keep gloves/tools wet so that Crystal Art doesn’t stick to things or you


Working with Worbla’s Crystal / Deco Art

Can be painted or tinted with sharpies, alcohol inks, resin dyes and polyester dyes.