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Worbla’s Black Art

Worbla’s Black Art sister product to Worbla’s Finest Art, with a smoother texture and less adhesive

It can take complex curves without requiring a vacuform, and is self-adhesive when activated ( glues are not required to join pieces ). Hot air, water or steam can be used to shape the plastic. It can be painted with just about any paint, wax or finish. Black Art's texture is finer compared to Finest Art, and you may choose to leave it unprimed before painting it, or prime it with products such as Flexbond, Gesso, or PVA glue. Black Art will need less priming than Finest Art, which can save time on larger builds.

  • Activates at 90°C or 195°F
  • Hard and stable when cool
  • Scraps can be conditioned and 100% re-blended
  • Can be shaped by hand without requiring special safety gear
  • Non-toxic and skin safe
  • Can be built up in layers, shaped over forms of foam, foil, wire or similar armatures



This item has to be primed for a flat, shiny surface for painting

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