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Proxxon Milling Bits for Non-Ferrous Metals, Plastic and Plaster : Tungsten Vanadium

Ideal for milling, routing, shaping, profiling and slotting

For use on hard and soft woods, NF and precious metals, as well as plastics and plaster of paris.

Tungsten Vanadium Milling Bits:made of stable construction with head and shaft out of a single blank. The precise flutes and optimal concentricity ensure best life expectancy. All shafts 2.35 or 3.0mm (3/32" or 7/64").


  • PX28710 Tungsten vanadium precision cutters 2.35mm (3/32'') shafts

3.1mm (1/8'') Wheel

2.3mm (3/32'') Round

2.3mm (3/32'') Cone

2.3mm (3/32'') Rounded cone

2.3mm (3/32'') Cylinder


  • PX28720 5mm (13/64'') Tungsten vanadium precision cutters Sphere, Cone, Wheel 3pcs 2.35mm (3/32'') shaft
  • PX28722 3mm (7/64'') Tungsten vanadium cutter Cylinder 2pcs 3mm (7/64'') shaft
  • PX28723 4mm x 6mm (5/32'' x 6/32'') Tungsten vanadium cutter Rounded cone    2pcs 2.35mm (3/32'') shaft
  • PX28724 6mm (15/64'') Tungsten vanadium cutter Flame 2pcs 2.35mm (3/32'') shaft
  • PX28725 6mm (15/64'') Tungsten vanadium cutter Round 2pcs 2.35mm (3/32'') shaft
  • PX28726 8mm (5/16'') Tungsten vanadium cutter Cylinder round 2pcs 2.35mm (3/32'') shaft
  • PX28727 10mm (13/32'') Tungsten vanadium cutter Wheel 2pcs 3mm (7/64'') shaft