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Proxxon Micro Compound Table KT 70

For precise milling, boring, drilling or grinding operations as well as positioning.

This high-precision cross slide table is the optimal attachment when working with the MICROMOT drill stand MB 200, the bench drill machine TBM 115 or the machine vice MS 4. Clamping accessories for easy attachment on or below the above items come with the table. The hand wheels have zero-resettable dials graduated in 0,05mm increments (1 complete revolution of the hand wheel = 1.0mm, 1 pitch line = 0.05mm feed).


  • One set of step clamps are included
  • Table made from surface-treated aluminum
  • Three longitudinal T-slots 
  • Dual axes (lateral & cross) positioning via two hand wheels
  • Table can also be used with other drill stands or drill presses




Be Advised :

Other accessories not included 


Step clamp set

Made of steel. Complete with 2 step blocks, 2 clamps, 2 nuts and 2 T-slot nuts for MICROMOT standard (29/64" x 7/16" x 5/32" / 11.5 x 11 x 4mm). For use with the lathe systems PD 230/E, KT 150 and MF 70.




Dividing Attachment for MICRO Mill MF 70 and MICRO Compound Table KT 70

This dividing attachment has been especially designed for use with the MICRO Compound Table KT 70 which is identical to the X-Y table of the MICRO Mill MF 70. All provided fixing holes match the slot distance of the above items, so that it can be mounted in no time with the included clamping parts either standing or lying on the table. When using it standing upright, also long work pieces can be worked on, as they can be pushed through a hole provided in the base plate. In wooden box with sliding lid.