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Museum Board

An architects choice for presentation models. This board is a solid color throughout the board. When cut with a sharp blade , the board produces a pristine edge that model builders love. 

Made of 100% cotton fibers, it is acid-free , Chlorine Free and buffered with calcium carbonate to guarantee longevity.

Caliper thickness : 1Ply 1/64"=.015" , 2Ply 1/32"=0.030" , 4Ply 1/16"=0.060"

Available size : 32" x40"

Available Colors and Ply:

  • White 1Ply , 2Ply and 4Ply
  • Black 2Ply and 4Ply
  • Photo Gray 2Ply and 4Ply  (Lighter shape of Gray)
  • Medium Gray 2Ply and 4Ply

Model on the right :

Built by Carpe diem .   Joe Dimalanta , John Troung and Spencer Smith

Client : Architects LRT for Los Angeles MTA
Materails : Mass model of buildings used Museum White, roads - Photo Gray Museum Board , Station Platform - Medium Gray Museum Board.