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Beginning Cosplay

Getting Started With Cosplay

By Kamui Cosplay

48 pages and over 140 pictures showing how to pick a character, get basic materials and tools, search for tutorials and work with a limited budget and a tight schedule. With advice on organizing your crafting corner, sharing your work online and staying motivated during a long project, this is an excellent resource for those who are looking to get started in cosplay.

  • How to work with a limited budget
  • Introduction to cosplay
  • Most basic tools and materials
  • Organizing
  • Finding references and motivation
  • Handling social media



The Book of Cosplay Painting

By Kamui Cosplay

Brush painting with acrylics and will help you complete any Worbla project. 48 full colour pages offer step by step guides on:

  • Choice of References
  • Three-dimensional painting
  • Priming
  • Materials & Tools
  • Basic Paint, painting metals / organics
  • Gradients
  • Shadows and lights
  • Details / Weathering
  • Sealing / Repairing




Advanced Cosplay Painting

By Kamui Cosplay 

48 pages and over 150 new photos Kamui brings us into the wonderful world of airbrushes, spray paints and weathering! Learn how to fake metal and create textures, weather your armor and props with washes, as well as chipped paint effects or even real rust! Also includes tips on how to age fabric and build your own paint booth!

  • Tools and colors
  • Introduction to airbrush
  • Creating fake metal and 3D textures
  • Masking techniques
  • Chipped paint effects
  • Creating real rust
  • Washing and creating realistic bones
  • Weathering fabric
  • How to build a simple paint booth