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Alumilite Silicone Rubber

Amazing Mold Rubber 3/4 lb

Easy to use tin-based silicone mold-making material that cures quickly and picks up intricate details.

  • Great for one piece molds with undercuts
  • Works for complex multiple-piece molds




2-part silicone mold making putty that allows you to have a mold ready in under 20 minutes.

  • Complies with FDA 21 CFR 177.2600
  • Highly recommended for class use, as the quickness and ease of use allow you to mold and be ready to cast in under 20 minutes.




Quickset Rubber Kit 1 lb

Tin-based mold making silicone that is ideal for one- or two-piece molds that don’t require a lot of stress or flexibility.

  • Excellent detail reproduction without requiring degassing
  • Temperature and humidity may affect work and cure speeds
  • Cures against clays, including sulfur-based




High Strength 2 - 1lb Kit

Tin-based silicone mold making rubber with high tear strength and is great for making all types of molds – it’s soft enough for 1-piece molds with undercuts and strong enough for 2-piece molds with secure alignment.

  • Doesn’t require degassing, but recommend when possible
  • Use Rubber to Rubber mold release or petroleum jelly when making 2-piece molds




High Strength 3 - 1lb Kit

Most flexible tin-based silicone mold making rubber from alumilite  – it’s great for making molds of parts with deep undercuts or negative space.

  • Doesn’t require degassing, but recommend when possible
  • Picks up exact detail of original part




Universal Mold Release (UMR) - 12oz

UMR (All Purpose Paintable Mold Release) offers the best release interface for rubber to rubber, rubber to resin, or resin to resin pieces. Also allows resin to be painted without requiring a wash post-cure.

  • It’s recommended to use UMR in combination with Rubber to Rubber mold release or petroleum jelly when creating multiple-piece molds with High Strength 1, 2, and 3.



Rubber to Rubber Mold Release

Ensures two-piece silicone molds do not bond together when pouring the second half. It works best when brushed on between the first and second pours.

  • Shake well before use
  • Apply 2-3 coats, allowing each coat to fully dry before reapplying