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Acrylic Clear Sheets Matte/Gloss

Cast Acrylic  poly(methyl methacylate) (PMMA). 

The sheets are produced by pumping the acrylic liquid, MMA (Methyl Methacrylate monomer) between two glass plates. The glass / monomer is then submerged in warm water and the process of polymerization takes place. The result is a sheet of rigid PMMA (polymethyl methacrylate) or what is generically called Acrylic. The smooth surface from the glass produce a gloss finish while a sutle frosted textured on the glass surface will yield a matte finish. The chemical process in the mold create a homogeneous material with equivalent properties in all directions. These conditions make it ideal for laser cutting and engraving in any direction.

  • Laser Cutting - the cut edges are polished
  • Laser Engraving - produce a matte white
  • Malleable / pliable when vacuum forming or hot wire line bending

Thickness available :

.060" (1/16) , .118" (1/8) 

Extruded Acrylic sheets are manufactured by a continuous production process.

Acrylic or PMMA pellets are fed from a containment silo to a feed hopper above an extruder line. The pellets are fed into the extrusion barrel and are driven through the barrel by a single or twin screw auger system. As the pellets progress through the heated zones of the extruder barrel the heat increases until the pellets melt into a molten mass.

  • Laser Cutting - edges can look a bit different depending on the direction of the acrylic extrusion
  • Laser Engraving - produce a matte gray almost clear
  • Heat bending or thermoforming - behave differently depending on the bending direction relatively to the extrusion

Thickness available :

.060" (1/16)